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F-Zero GX -- LJ competition
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This community is a place for fans of F-Zero GX to compete in a Time Attack Grand Prix (details below). The moderator is stool

Besides competing, we'd also like to encourage game discussion. Please post any questions, strategies, or discoveries you may have. The goal of this community is to make sure everyone has fun and eventually learns to master this amazing and challenging game.

Current Leaders: (view current standings)

Overall: nytelyte 54'29"040 481 points


Ruby: stool07'54"453 stool07'54"453
Sapphire: nytelyte08'50"539 nytelyte08'49"892
Emerald: nytelyte13'17"320 nytelyte11'19"081
Diamond: nytelyte11'58"328 nytelyte11'58"328
AX: nytelyte12'23"645 nytelyte09'42"541

Standard Rules:
1. Drivers earn points by competing in each of the 5 Cups: Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Diamond, and AX. Each Cup has two Modes of competition: Standard Mode and Snaking Mode. Drivers compete by submitting their best F-Zero GX Time Attack times for each track. (to learn how to submit your times, see "Submitting Scores" below.)

2. Drivers may use any machine, except those consisting of parts obtained through nefarious means (japanese-exclusive parts).

3. Standard Mode - Drivers are restricted from using the snaking technique (for details about this technique, read nytelyte's guide here) or any other "glitch driving" techniques. Suspect times submitted for Standard Mode will be reviewed and are subject for removal at the community's discretion.

4. Snaking Mode - No restrictions. Drivers may use any driving technique at their disposal. (Note: Times submitted for Standard Mode will count for Snaking Mode unless a better Snaking Mode time is submitted.)

5. Ranking is determined by a driver's combined time within a Cup/Mode. Every driver who ranks in the top ten in a Cup/Mode will receive points:
Standard Mode
rank 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
points 75 61 50 41 33 26 23 19 16 14

Snaking Mode
rank 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
points 25 20 16 13 11 09 07 06 05 04
6. Overall ranking is determined by adding the points a driver has received in each Cup/Mode. The driver with the most points is declared the Time Attack Grand Prix current leader.

Submitting Scores:
Ruby Cup - Sapphire Cup - Emerald Cup - Diamond Cup - AX CUP
Submit your scores by clicking on the appropriate link above and commenting in the following format:
[Track Name] 00'00"000 - Machine > MODE
Times are updated periodically. Only times posted in the comments will be accepted, no e-mails please.

Good Luck! (You'll need it)